Fundraising / Scholarships


The road of missionary discipleship is not one we’re meant to take alone. And your experience at SLS20 is not something to keep to yourself.

Inviting others to support you in attending SLS20 is a way to allay the price of registration. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to share what you receive at SLS20 as a gift in return. By bringing the benefits of what you experience back to those who help cover your registration, you’ll be taking a great first step on your path of missionary discipleship.

Students who fundraise for FOCUS events find that they can cover the entire cost of registration with enough left over to go towards transportation and other conference amenities. FOCUS wants to support anyone willing to undertake fundraising and will provide resources to help you every step of the way.

If you’re interested in fundraising to help cover registration and/or travel expenses, feel free to download this fundraising packet. It’s filled with tips and resources to help you fundraise respectfully and successfully. If you’re a student on a FOCUS campus, ask your campus missionaries for more fundraising information, resources, and materials specially for you.

Download the Fundraising Packet


Every year, FOCUS awards a set number of scholarships to college students to go toward registration. If you’re a first- or second-time attendee of a FOCUS event and if you meet the appropriate criteria, including putting forth significant fundraising efforts, you could be qualified for a scholarship.

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Invite Your Friends

You’re not meant to go to SLS20 on your own. The journey of missionary discipleship is one we share with those in our faith family. If you get your invite list together, we can help you with the invitation.

Bring Your Friends